Brian Cruz

School of Engineering – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Project: How soil microstructure influences microbially-mediated moisture retention

Brian completed his undergraduate study in Environmental Engineering at the University of California Riverside. There he worked on a variety of research projects including nanoparticle impacts on a model human gut and septic tank performance, and impacts of disinfectants on bacteria viability, virulence, and attachment to spinach. His senior design project was developing a novel air pollution technology for lawn mowers. He began study and research at the University of Connecticut in 2014 and is pursuing a PhD in environmental engineering.

He is currently working with Dr. Leslie Shor to develop a novel soil transport system utilizing soil microorganisms to deliver beneficial bacteria and other agricultural payloads to actively-growing plant roots. Targeted delivery and controlled release of these payloads may have large implications for the agricultural industry. Previously Brian worked on a project which investigated the effects of pore-scale changes in soil microstructure and wettability on drying using microfluidic soil emulating micromodels.

Brian’s interests include natural science illustration, cooking, fishing and hiking.


Brian Cruz
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