Program Expectations

BD Husky Fellows Expectations

The Bridge to the Doctorate program at UConn aims to mentor, nurture, and retain 12 qualified BD Husky Fellows throughout their graduate degree programs and to prepare them to become academic leaders.

BD Husky Fellows will receive two years of fellowship support (with continued support guaranteed) provided they:

  1. Maintain full-time enrollment in a doctoral program (M.S. degree leading to doctoral  degree is permitted) in a STEM program at UConn within the School of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources or the School of Pharmacy;
  2. Maintain satisfactory progress (at least a 3.0 GPA) in the program for which the fellowship was awarded;
  3. Devote essentially full-time study or research to the academic field in which the fellowship was awarded;
  4. Not engage in gainful employment, except on a part-time basis in teaching, research or similar activities determined by the academic advisor and the BD Administrator to be in support of progress toward a degree;
  5. Prepare and submit applications to at least one major federal graduate research fellowship programs (i.e., NSF, DoD), if eligible, and provide certification of the application to the BD Program office;
  6. Participate in special seminars and workshops aimed at broadening and enhancing the research and teaching experience;
  7. Complete two semesters of supervised teaching or teaching assistance during their  course of study;
  8. Apply for in-state residency status by the end of the first year of participation in the BD program, if applicable.