Joerg Graf


Molecular and Cell Biology

Education: Ph.D. University of Southern California, Postdoctoral study, University of Berne, Switzerland

Research Interests: While all animals are colonized by bacteria, we know very little about molecular interactions between these bacteria and their host animal unless the bacteria cause disease. The main goal of our research is to enhance the general understanding of how bacteria and animals interact. As a model for digestive-tract associations, we investigate the digestive-tract symbiosis of the medicinal leech, Hirudo medicinalis . In the largest compartment of the leech digestive tract, only two species of bacteria are found, Aeromonas veronii and a novel Rikenella species. Historically, the study of digestive-tract symbioses has been hindered by the presence of complex microbial communities but the unusual simplicity of the leech symbiosis provides an opportunity to investigate the interaction on a molecular level. While A. veronii functions as a cooperative symbiont inside the leech, this species is also a human pathogen when injected into vertebrate tissue during leech feeding, causing wound infections and, when ingested, diarrhea. The switching between symbiotic and pathogenic lifestyles suggests the ability of A. veronii to regulate its physiology according to its host and provides an opportunity to learn about the evolution of bacteria-animal associations. We use molecular tools to tease apart the interaction and epifluorescent microscopy for visualization of the symbionts. Additional research interests include the use of 16S rRNA gene sequences for the identification of bacteria, the molecular investigation of other symbiotic or pathogenic bacteria, and the discovery of novel antimicrobial compounds.

Selected Publications:

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