Lukas McNaboe

College of Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environment

Research Project: Quantifying the possible effects of road salting on groundwater quality.

Research interest: quantifying the possible effects of road salting on groundwater quality. Specifically, Luke’s research seeks to evaluate the potential for elevated chloride levels to (1) induce density-driven groundwater flow and (2) facilitate radon flux from groundwater.

Background: 2015 B.S. Environmental Engineering, University of Connecticut

Senior thesis: McNaboe, Lukas, “Outer-sphere adsorption of para-substituted benzoates on gibbsite: a molecular dynamics investigation” (2015). Honors Scholar Theses. 

Luke aspires to teach environmental engineering at the university level after experience in the environmental remediation industry. He has a weekly radio program called Yerba Mate on Uconn’s FM station, WHUS

Poster presentation:

Effects of winter deicing on groundwater quality beneath permeable pavement:

Presented at B2D poster symposium, Geoscience research symposium, both in UConn, Storrs. (2016)
Presented at Natural Resources/Environmental Engineering poster session in UConn, Storrs. (2016)
Abstract accepted: CT Conference on Natural Resources, UConn, Storrs (3/2017)


Mobilization of radium and radon by de-icing salt contamination of groundwater. 
McNaboe, L.A. Robbins, G.A. Dietz, M.E. (2017) Water, Air and Soil Pollution 228(94) doi:10.1007/s11270-016-3227-y

Permeable asphalt: a new tool to reduce road salt contamination of groundwater in urban areas.
Dietz, M.E. Angel, D.R. Robbins, G.A. McNaboe, L.A. (2016) Ground Water, 

DOI: 10.1111/gwat.12454

Impacts of Road Salting on Water Quality in Fractured Crystalline Bedrock 
Vitale, S.A. Robbins, G.A. and McNaboe, L.A. (2017) Journal of Environmental Quality, doi:10.2134/jeq2016.10.0411

Under review: Water, Air and Soil Pollution journal.

In press: Journal of Groundwater

Club membership: WHUS – DJ at Uconn radio station .


Volunteer on town committee— Coventry, CT Inland Wetlands Agency
Private tutor – Spanish language

Lukas McNaboe
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