Randy Hamchand

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Research Project: Analysis of the Pigment Composition of Keratinized Tissues of Vertebrates

Research Interest: (1) Extracting and analyzing pigments from keratinous tissues such as feathers and quills and elucidating the biochemical pathways through which these pigments are formed. (2) Analyzing the spectrophotometry properties of novel porphyrin-based metal sensors.

Biography: Randy was born in Hartford, Connecticut to Guyanese immigrants and grew up in Middletown, Connecticut.  He is currently an M.S student in the Chemistry department at the University of Connecticut. The majority of his research centers around working with compounds known as porphyrins. Porphyrins are macrocyclic, aromatic tetrapyrroles which are ubiquitous throughout nature.

Undergraduate Education: University of Connecticut (2012 – 2016)

B.S. Chemistry – Honors Scholar, Magna Cum Laude

B.S. Biological Sciences – Magna Cum Laude

Minors: Mathematics, Psychology and Molecular Cell Biology

Poster Presentations:

  • 2016 ACS CSV Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • 2015 Fall Frontiers in Undergraduate Research


  • Chegg Tutor
  • High School Chemistry Tutor
Randy Hamchand
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